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We are a group of properties owners who rent for short  holidays in eastern Sicily. Since the end of 2015, we have improved our vision on the concept of "hospitality", through the continuous exchange of information and experience.

The increase in demand by tourists who choose to spend their holidays by renting a private home rather than staying in hotels and the resulting increase in the supply of rentals on the web, has created confusion about the rules that the owners have to observe in order to respect the legislation.


From here the idea of ​​proposing  to extend the range of experience in the web world to accommodate new hosts who are interested in giving a contribution in change of information, support  and visibility.

In H & G you will not find experts on tax, legal and commercial themes ( even if it is not excluded the possibility of agreements with specialists, insurance agencies and anything else in the future) but other hosts that provide their expertise and their time.

In our team there is no hierarchy, and everyone plays from time to time the roles which are more congenial for him. We are constantly changing and always open to new collaborations.

In our team there is no hierarchy and each of us plays in turn the role that they need and that are most congenial to him. We are constantly evolving and always open to new collaborations.

You too can be part of H&G and contribute to its growth by sending a subscription request .

If you sign up you will be asked to contribute an annual basic fee of € 50.

This will allow you to have private access to the group and the visibility of your web site

If you don’t have a web site, you can easily create one for free with us, or choose to take the advantages of the support of H&G.

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